Door Design!

It’s the first and the last impression that matter’s and our door is that first and last impression of our home.
That’s how important it is, whether it’s a home, hotel or office it plays an extremely important role in setting the impression every door has a purpose and over here we will talk about types of Doors whether it’s a wooden door, metal, glass or combination of all.

Personalization and customization are what we need for our Doors.

Size: Now, if we want a 10-foot tall door or 15 feet tall door it does not matter the fun part of being in this era is that almost everything is possible.

Entrance Door being the first impression, large doors in grand entrances are becoming popular.

Experimental Opening: While swing doors are common in homes, we can also experiment with flush doors, sliding doors, barn doors, pivot doors, or garage door style applications. These styles can add quite a charm.

Look & Feel: Considering the look and feel of the door or shall I say the entrance we have amazing options available, to begin with, colours:

  • Black, white, or any bold colour or keeping it natural with wooden grains can be a statement in itself.
  • Options in wood and country look can add an extra factor that gives a little rustic look.
  • Gloss and Sleek = modern and clean.
  • Metal with wood is the classic look.

You would be surprised by what all combinations can be done and how we can play with it.

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