How to uplift your lifestyle through a home renovation on a small budget? WOW!

Every now and then as human beings, we want to uplift ourselves and our environment. (Some change of scene) But, that can be a huge expense.

Oh no! That’s not fair, what should we do then?

Here are some smart tips;

You can use these tips one at a time or all at once depending on your budget.

1. Cheap and effective fixes:

Here are some pocket-friendly ideas:

  • You can always change the look of your furniture, by changing its polish and upholstery.

It’s easy on your pocket and very effective.

  • Swap out old or outdated lights with modern lighting to give rooms a lift. You can try being creative here and can also apply some DIY.
  • Repaint one wall in the room of your choice just to give a fresh look. This is a cheapest way to have maximum impact.
  • Solid wood flooring looks great but costs a bomb, so look at cheaper options such as laminate floors to revamp.

2. Shop around for bargains:

Online sales and seasonal sales on stores are your BFF, when it comes to doing up a house on a budget. While it may take a bit more time to source what you need, you could save thousands of rupees on renovation by buying discounted goods or second hand materials.

3. Include smart home features:

For the older generation or for fun sake or for lazy people like me, smart home features can be a life saver at times. With all the variety and all the development in this field one can pick and choose what works for them. Though, I will not say it is very cheap but definitely worth it.

My advice on it would be, always go with that company which gives you a better after sale service. It always helps!

4. Add an outdoor entertaining area:

An outdoor entertaining area adds that extra spice, that you would require for your home. In your front or back yard or both outdoors can be utilized well. Areas can have some affordable outdoor furniture, some interesting lighting, and a corner for barbeque and if you are personally fond of drinking and hosting parties then, a bar is a must.

If you have the luxury of privacy or if you happen to have a roof top. You can always invest on a nice Jacuzzi and a projector.

Not to forget, never miss out on things which are for free such as the stars, moon and a cool breeze. They are there, to add a little more to your space.

5. Use DIY (Do It Yourself):

Don’t be scared to get your hands dirty. It’s actually fun!

I would recommend, to do something for your house with your own two hands and if possible join hands with other family members, especially with kids. They will cherish it. This process will become a journey, for your house to become home!

If you do all these things well you can make your home, look much more expensive and luxurious than what it is.

And of course, if you need help to achieve a great space then we are just a call away!

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